Virtual Dogs Regulation

Virtual Dog Racing (VDR)
How to play
The VDR provides 24/7/365 real money betting experience on virtual dog races. The VDR continuously generate meetings on alternating tracks, where each meeting consists of 12 races.
Bets can be placed up to 10 seconds prior to the start of the next upcoming race as well as on all future races of the current meeting at any time.
Meeting information
Meetings are generated continuously – a new one will be started as soon as the current one has finished. The single meeting covers 12 races on the same race track (day or night track) with a total duration of 26 minutes and 15 seconds.
Race information
Dependent on the race distance (3 different distances) the single race has a total duration of approx. 1.5 to 4 minutes and, separated into a ‘Race Begin’ (65 seconds), ‘Bet stop’ (10 seconds), ‘Race’ (22 , 36 or 48 seconds, dependent on race distance) and ‘Race End’ (15 seconds) period.
At the beginning/end of the meeting there’s also a ‘Meeting Begin’/ ‘Meeting End’ (45/30 seconds) period.
Betting on a VDR race is allowed up to 10 seconds prior to the race start. Betting markets for future races of the current meeting remain open. When a future race from ‘Race Calendar’ is selected, the odds table will automatically switch to the corresponding position. The following race related betting markets are available:

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All races are broadcasted as live video streams through an integrated media player in your browser. The race simulations are created through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and independent random number generators. The performance parameters of the VDR dogs are based on real dogs’ performance parameters (e.g. in terms of acceleration, speed and endurance consecutive race-statistics, etc.).